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Amanda and Benjamin Hamm

Superstar Consultant


My Story

We are The Hamms! Amanda and Ben Hamm that is. We just recently became Scentsy Independent Directors and are loving life! I am so blessed and honored to have my fantabulous husband by my side in this journey! We have been with Scentsy for 4 years now and have never turned back!

It did however take me 4 years to join Scentsy! Yep 4 years of being asked here and there to start this amaizng oppurtunity! My only regret....I didn't listen sooner! Scentsy literally saved my life and my family life and my marriage life! I joined because well, my husband told me I needed something new in my life to keep me going and focused! (See he was always meant to be with me!) But it turned into a family deal! I joined just because. But, it turns out, I joined to gain so many wonderful things!

For starters, we have met and grown to love and support the most amazing group of people! Our Scentsy Sisters and MIsters! Scentsy has become family! It isn't just a business, it is a way of life.

When I think of Scentsy, I don't just think about our safe products, but I think about all the things that we have gained since joining! Our new friends and family, and new way for our family to spend time together, the travels that we have been able to do, the freedom of making our own schedules, no longer paying the outrageous vet bills because of our dogs massive allergies to the toxins in the chemicals that were releasing into our home from the CANDLES we were burning!
We have achieved so many things and are on our way to doing so much more!
Honeymoon Hideaway was one of the first scents I had ever smelled! In fact, before I got my join kit, I had never even tried Scentsy in any way! And the moment that I opened my kit and set up my first WARMER, I haven't stopped smiling!

So when you decide that you want to take the leap like I did, let's chat and let me show you how this Opportunity can make the difference in your life no matter the reason you start or stay!


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